Cavius 10 Year Battery Heat Alarm

Cavius 10 Year Battery Heat Alarm

Cavius 10 year battery heat alarm is designed for areas not suitable for smoke alarms due to high risk of false alarms such as; Kitchens, Garages or Workshops. This alarm can be connected to other alarms from the Cavius wireless alarm family.

This Cavius wireless heat detector sounds the alarm when temperature level is >58C

Its compact 78mm cone shape design includes a 10 year battery, 10 year warranty, a powerful 85db(A) siren at 3 metres and a wide and easy to access test button which also allows to activate a 10 minute pause function and uses a unique “smart clip” ceiling mechanism for installation.

D: 78mm. x H: 42mm. Standard base included.

Tested and approved according to EN54-5, EN60065, RED, RoHS and REACH and Kitemark BS 5446 part2

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