Cavius Mains Powered Smoke Alarm

Cavius Mains Powered Smoke Alarm

The Cavius mains powered optical smoke alarm with sealed in battery backup is designed for installation in private homes. The alarm is designed with a built in slot for vacuuming the smoke chamber from a distance.

This Cavius smoke detector makes an optical reading every 8 secondss. At unusual readings ( going into alarm mode) the readings are taken every 2 seconds. This alarm can be wirelessly connected to other alarms from the Cavius wireless family.

With 110-230V AC this mains powered alarm includes a built in wireless interconnect and 10 year lithium back up battery.

D: 97mm x H: 52mm. Standard base included.

Tested and approved according to EN 14604:2005, EN60065, RED and RoHS

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